E-11 Blaster Electronics

These are the components used to build the E-11 Blaster Electronics Kit

12mm Tactile Switch

12mm Tactile Momentary Switches The body of the switch measures 12mm x 12mm x 3...


E-11 Blaster Neopixel Strip

E-11 Blaster WS2812B RGB Neopixel Strip   Strip 24 WS2812B RGB Neopixel LED's for ..


Magnetic Reed Switch

Magnetic Reed Switch - GPS-14A   Normally open magnetic induction switch. When a m..


3W 4 Ohm Speaker with Lead

3W 4 Ohm Speaker with Lead   Rectangular speaker with superb sound quality for such..


Mini On-Off Slide Switch

Mini On-Off Slide Switch   A mini on/off slide switch for using in your props to tu..


Micro Limit Lever Switch

Micro Limit Lever Switch  A micro limit lever switch which is ideal for use in any..


1/4W Carbon Film Resistors

1/4W Carbon Film Resistors   1/4W Carbon Film Resistor 5% 0.25W   ..


Blaster Pin Header Set (F)

Blaster Pin Header Set (Female)   Pin Header Kit for either  the E-11 Blas..


BLTroniX PCB + Code

BLTroniX V1 E-11 Blaster PCB + CODE  The BLTroniX Blaster PCB board comes with all r..


4GB Micro SD-Card

4GB Micro SD-Card  4GB Micro SD Card for use with the DFPlayer Mini   Package..


Single RGB Neopixel LED

Single WS2812B RGB Neopixel LED Single WS2812B RGB Neopixel LED ModuleSmall round sin..


USB Battery Charger TP4056

TP4056 18650 USB Battery Charging Module   5V Micro USB 1A 18650 Lithium Batter..


PAM8403 Class D Amplifier

PAM8403 Class D Digital Power Amplifier Board   The PAM8403 is a 2-channel..


6mm Tactile Switch

6mm Tactile Momentary Switches    The body of the switch measures 6mm x 6mm x ..


BLTroniX Arduino Nano V3.0

BLTroniX Arduino Nano V3.0 - Blaster Code   Arduino Nano V3.0 pre programmed with ..


0.91" OLED Display

0.91" OLED Display   This is the 0.91" OLED display module with a resolution ..


28mm Full Range Speaker

28mm 2W 4 Ohm Full Range Speaker   28mm (1.1" inch)  mini 2W audio speaker 4 O..


DFPlayer Mini MP3

DFPlayer Mini MP3 Player Module  The DFPlayer Mini MP3 Player is a small and low cos..


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