Blaster Scope Electronics

These are the components used to build the Blaster Scope Electronics Kit

40mm x 40mm Tinted Film

Tinted Film Square 40mm x 40mm  A Square piece of coloured tinted film which I use b..


Blaster Scope Magnets

3D Printed Blaster Scope Magnet Set  4mm x 3mm (DxH) Neodymium Magnets - Pack of..


E-11- Scope Front Screws

E-11 Blaster Scope Front Screws  M2 Slotted Cheese Head Machine Screws for the front..


1/4W Carbon Film Resistors

1/4W Carbon Film Resistors   1/4W Carbon Film Resistor 5% 0.25W   ..


SCTroniX DFRobot Beetle

SCTroniX DFRobot Beetle - Blaster Scope Code   A DFRobot Beetle supplied p..


Round Glass Cabochon Lens

Round Magnifying Glass Cabochon Lens   A round crystal glass Dome shaped cabochon m..


0.66" OLED Display

0.66" OLED Display  This is the 0.66" OLED display module with a resolution of 64x..


6mm Tactile Switch

6mm Tactile Momentary Switches    The body of the switch measures 6mm x 6mm x ..


0.49" OLED Display

0.49" OLED Display  This is the 0.49" OLED display module with a resolution of 64x..


Red Dot Laser Diode LED

Red Dot Laser Diode LED  Important Information: Laser Safety: Looking directly ..


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