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Other electronics components for use in building your prop electronics.

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1.5Ω 1W Carbon Film Resistor

1.5Ω 1W Carbon Film Resistor  A Single 1,5Ω 1W Carbon Film Resistor   Package..


12mm Tactile Switch

12mm Tactile Momentary Switches The body of the switch measures 12mm x 12mm x 3...


18650 Battery Protection

18650 Battery Protection Circuit PCB  Specifications: Cut-off Voltag..


1Ω 1W Carbon Film Resistor

1Ω 1W Carbon Film Resistor  A Single 1Ω 1W Carbon Film Resistor   Package Inc..


3 Position Toggle Switch

Momentary 3 Position Toggle Switch   3 Position momentary switch (On-OFF-O..


4.7KΩ 2W Resistor

4.7KΩ 2W Carbon Film Resistor   A Single 4.7KΩ 2W Carbon Film Resistor  ..


5mm LED Tactile Switch

5mm LED Tactile Switch   These were made to use in the Stormtrooper Lightsaber pro..


Ball Tilt Sensor SW-460

Ball Tilt Sensor Switch - SW-460   SW-460 is a commonly available roller-ball typ..


Blaster Scope Magnets

3D Printed Blaster Scope Magnet Set  4mm x 3mm (DxH) Neodymium Magnets - Pack of..


Capacitors - Through Hole

Capacitors - Monolithic Multilayer Ceramic Chip   Through Hole Type Available Size..


Magnetic Reed Switch

Magnetic Reed Switch - GPS-14A   Normally open magnetic induction switch. When a m..


Mercury Tilt Sensor

Mercury Tilt Sensor Switch  When both electrodes are touched simultaneously by the m..


Micro On-Off Slide Switch

Mini On-Off Slide Switch   A micro on/off slide switch for using in your props to t..


Micro Tactile Switch

Micro Tactile Switch  Various Micro Tactile Switches.  Micro Tactile Switc..


Mini DC Recharge Port

Mini DC Recharge Port - 2.1mm   Mini sized 2.1mm x 5.5mm recharge port is perfe..


Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium Magnets Various size magnets for use in building props. These magnets ..


Oblong DC Recharge Port

Oblong DC Recharge Port - 2.1mm   Oblong shaped small recharge port 2.1mm ..


Push Button Switch

Momentary Push Button SwitchMomentary push button switch with a coloured cap.Specific..


Rocker On/Off Switch

Rocker On/Off Switch 2 Pin Snap in Rocker On/Off Switch 6A/250V 10A/125V AC Feat..


Rocker Switch - Blue LED

Round Rocker ON-OFF Switch - Blue LED  High quality SPST illuminated round rocker sw..


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