Various LEDs for use in your Projects.

5mm LED Tactile Switch

5mm LED Tactile Switch   These were made to use in the Stormtrooper Lightsaber pro..


E-11 Blaster Neopixel Strip

E-11 Blaster WS2812B RGB Neopixel Strip   Strip 24 WS2812B RGB Neopixel LED's for ..


F-11D Blaster Neopixel Strips

F-11D Blaster WS2812B RGB Neopixel Strips  Two strips of 33 WS2812B RGB Neopixel L..


2mm Yellow Tower LED

2mm Tower LED - Yellow  2mm yellow mini led diode.I will be using these as the 3 f..


F-11D Front Flashlight Kit

F-11D Blaster Front Flashlight Kit   LED Kit for the F-11 Blaster Front Flashli..


Single RGB Neopixel LED

Single WS2812B RGB Neopixel LED Single WS2812B RGB Neopixel LED ModuleSmall round sin..


Star LED - 1W White

Star LED PCB - Pure White 1W    This is the LED I use in the Surefire..


7 Segment LED 2 Digits Red

7 Segment LED 2 Digits Red  2 Bit 7 Segment Common Cathode 10 Pin Red LED 2 Digits ..

£0.50 £1

10mm LED

Stormtrooper or Shadow Trooper L 10mm LED   Colours Available: Red ..


5mm Water Clear RGB LED

5mm Water Clear RGB LED 5mm 4 pin clear RGB LED available as either common ..


5mm UV Ultra Bright LED

5mm UV (Ultra Violet) Ultra Bright LED   UV LEDs lights up fluorescent colours and..


Flashing RGB LEDs

Flashing RGB LED - Ultra Bright Water Clear    Flashing LEDs, no pro..


3mm Clear LEDs

Water Clear Ultra Bright 3mm LED  Available in 5 Different Colours: RedBl..


5mm Water Clear LED

5mm Water Clear Ultra Bright LED  Available in 5 Different Colours: Red Blue..


12mm Illuminated Switch

12mm Momentary Switch Illuminated Ring   12v 12mm Momentary Push Button Switch with ..


10 Segment LED Bar Graph

10 Segment Digital LED Bar Graph   10 segment bar graph display available with..

£0.25 £0.50

6mm LED Tactile Switch

6mm LED Tactile Momentary Switch  6 x 6mm LED-illuminated momentary tactil..


12mm Tactile LED Breakout Board

12mm Tactile LED Breakout Board    Tactile LED Breakout Board for a 12mm LED T..


Piranha Super Bright LED

Piranha Super Bright LED  Piranha LEDs are super bright and available in a vari..


LED Driver - 1W 5V

LED Driver - 1W 5V 350mA   Single 1W 5V 350mA LED Driver   Specificatio..

£0.50 £1

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