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Individual Arduino electronics components for use in building your prop electronics.

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5mm LED Tactile Switch

5mm LED Tactile Switch   These were made to use in the Stormtrooper Lightsaber pro..


5V Voltage Regulator

+5V Voltage Regulator L7805CV  TO-220   L7805CV +5V Voltage regulator for use w..


Ball Tilt Sensor SW-460

Ball Tilt Sensor Switch - SW-460   SW-460 is a commonly available roller-ball typ..


E-11 Blaster Neopixel Strip

E-11 Blaster WS2812B RGB Neopixel Strip   Strip 24 WS2812B RGB Neopixel LED's for ..


F-11D Blaster Neopixel Strips

F-11D Blaster WS2812B RGB Neopixel Strips  Two strips of 33 WS2812B RGB Neopixel L..


LED Holder - Prominent

LED Holder - Metal Prominent    Metal Prominent LED holder in two sizes - ..


Magnetic Reed Switch

Magnetic Reed Switch - GPS-14A   Normally open magnetic induction switch. When a m..


Mercury Tilt Sensor

Mercury Tilt Sensor Switch  When both electrodes are touched simultaneously by the m..


MPU-6050 Accelerometer

MPU-6050 3 Axis Accelerometer  MPU-6050 6 DOF 3 Axis Accelerometer Gyroscope Sensor ..


TDTroniX Seeeduino XIAO V1

TDTroniX Seeeduino XIAO - Thermal Detonator V1 Code  Seeeduino XIAO supplied wi..


Tilt Vibration Sensor SW-100

Tilt Vibration Sensor Switch - SW-100   The switch is manufactured using metal, me..


3W 4 Ohm Speaker with Lead

3W 4 Ohm Speaker with Lead   Rectangular speaker with superb sound quality for such..


Micro SD TF Card Shield

Micro SD TF Card Shield  Micro SD SPI Storage Board TF Card Adapter Shield Module 3.3..

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Electret Microphone

Electret Condenser Microphone   Cylindrical Electret Condenser Microp..


2mm Yellow Tower LED

2mm Tower LED - Yellow  2mm yellow mini led diode.I will be using these as the 3 f..


F-11D Front Flashlight Kit

F-11D Blaster Front Flashlight Kit   LED Kit for the F-11 Blaster Front Flashli..


PAM8406 Amplifier - Volume

PAM8406 Amplifier with Volume Control  The PAM8406 Digital Power Amplifier with vo..


LED Holder - Flat Top

LED Holder - Plastic Flat Top   Plastic flat top LED holder for use w..


SCTroniX DFRobot Beetle

SCTroniX DFRobot Beetle - Blaster Scope Code   A DFRobot Beetle supplied p..


TDTroniX Seeeduino XIAO V2

TDTroniX Seeeduino XIAO - Thermal Detonator V2 Code   Seeeduino XIAO supplied ..


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